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Woody Barker Scholarship

 News  admin  24-Dec-2018  0  1947 reads
Woody Barker Scholarship

Woody Barker, one of our volunteers, a man with an incredible huge heart, helping the underprivileged kids of George Hays-Jennie Porter Elementary to learn technology, coding, 3D-Printing, Robotics, and typing, is now gone!   (see the obituary here)

He was such a wonderful person and he'll be missed tremendously by the kids and by everybody who knew him. The kids will be heartbroken! 

To honor his memory, together with his family, we'll be establishing a special WOODY BARKER SCHOLARSHIP.

You can donate to the scholarship via GoFundme:

Kickoff for Computer/Robotics Club at CAA Head Start (Feb. ...

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Kickoff for Computer/Robotics Club at CAA Head Start (Feb. 27, 2018)

To support more STEM education, the CAA Head Start is starting a Robotics/Computer Program at Ted Berry Head Start in West End. 

We had a great Kickoff with representatives of Southwest Ohio Region Workforce Investment Board and REDI Cincinnati stressing the importance of growing local talent in order to attract companies to our region. We also had Prof. Austin Lee from Northern Kentucky University demonstrating a humanoid robot.

This new CAA Head Start program is a significant part of building a "West End High-Tech Education Hub" by Code for Kids in collaboration with Cincinnati Public Schools, which has two schools in West End: the George Hays-Jennie Porter Elementary (Ohio's first High-Tech Elementary) and Robert A. Taft Information Technology High School. 

Students from Hays-Porter did a demonstration of computer coding and they did a fabulous job!

Kickoff to "Hour of Code" at Hays-Porter ...

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Kickoff to "Hour of Code" at Hays-Porter High-Tech Elementary School

On Monday, Dec. 4, 2017, Hays-Porter High-Tech Elementary School hosted a local Kickoff to "Hour of Code". Similar kick-offs were done all over the world as part of the "Computer Science Education Week" (

The Hour of Code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries. Anyone, anywhere can organize an Hour of Code event. One-hour tutorials are available in over 45 languages. No experience needed. Ages 4 to 104.

The event at Hays-Porter was a great event thanks to the support from all our friends, especially:

  • George Hays-Jennie Porter Elementary Principal Ms. McClain and all the teachers and staff, especially Ms. Daniels
  • Families Forward (Ms. Deborah Allsop, Victoria Matchett, Richara Richardson)
  • Cincinnati Museum Center (Claire Pollock and her team)
  • GorillaMaker and Glenn Warner & Shelley Warner
  • Mike Welch with his drones
  • Prof. Austin Lee from Northern Kentucky University
  • Roberts Academy: A Paideia Learning Community and the SHPE Cincinnati Robotics Team
  • XOOPS Foundation

The NAO humanoid robot was definitely a hit of the evening - kids just loved it!!! :)

Hays-Porter Students meet NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly

 News  admin  25-Oct-2017  0  1100 reads
Hays-Porter Students meet NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly

Meeting the legendary NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly

I took four girls from the George Hays-Jennie Porter ElementaryComputer/Robotics Club with me - hopefully they will get inspired and will keep reaching for the stars! 

Thank you Cincinnati Museum Center for organizing this event!!!!

More pictures on Facebook...

Messer Construction Ribbon Cutting

 News  admin  24-Oct-2017  0  729 reads
Messer Construction Ribbon Cutting

Opening of the new Headquarters of Messer Construction Co. in West End!

A big THANK YOU to Messer Construction for the generous grant of $25,000 to Families Forward for the after-school program at George Hays-Jennie Porter Elementary!!!!

More pictures on Facebook...

Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire

 News  admin  07-Oct-2017  0  1001 reads
Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire

Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire is a celebration of creativity and invention. Makers showcase what they make, inspiring others with their passion and teaching the skills necessary for invention. From robots and microprocessors to experimental music and jewelry, any and every act of making is on display. Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire is independently organized and operated under license from Maker Media, Inc.

Hays-Porter Computer/Robotics Club was represented there too, with our students showing robots...

More pictures on Facebook  and here

At GorillaMaker - a 3D-Printer manufacturer from Greater ...

 News  admin  29-Sep-2017  0  762 reads
At GorillaMaker - a 3D-Printer manufacturer from Greater Cincinnnati

Visiting GorillaMaker ( and learning more about 3D printing and how we can get more of this technology to schools

Glenn Warner is a super awesome and extremely smart guy, and we're totally on the same wave length, so it was a great conversation about innovation, education, 3D Printing, and the future of our region. I'm looking forward to collaborate on some of the ideas we've discussed today! 

Definitely an awesome way to start a day!  

More pictures on Facebook...

UC/CPS Early College IT Program Signing Ceremony

 News  admin  20-Sep-2017  0  585 reads
UC/CPS Early College IT Program Signing Ceremony

UC School of Information Technology has signed an agreement with CPS to enable high school students to take credit classes at UC toward Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

More pictures on Facebook

Sasha Savvy Loves to Code - book introduction

 News  admin  15-Sep-2017  0  400 reads
Sasha Savvy Loves to Code - book introduction

Sasha Ariel shared with Hays-Porter students her coding journey, inspiring them to explore the world of technology! Students received a copy of her book, and hopefully we'll have an explosion of young coders at George Hays-Jennie Porter Elementary 

You can buy the book on Amazon:
More info about Sasha and her book:

More pictures on Facebook...

Building diverse IT Education Pipeline

 News  admin  17-Aug-2017  0  504 reads
Building diverse IT Education Pipeline

Our article about "Building divers IT Education Pipeline" has been published on Medium STEAM!  

Bond Hill Academy becomes Math & Science Discovery School

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Bond Hill Academy becomes Math & Science Discovery School

So much fun today supporting the Bond Hill Academy Elementary School becoming the "Math & Science Discovery School" as part of the CPS Vision 20/20! 
I was helping out in June with their Summer Enrichment Program teaching coding and robotics as part of Families Forward 

More pictures on Facebook

FamiliesFORWARD presenting at Messer

 News  admin  20-Jun-2017  0  184 reads
FamiliesFORWARD presenting at Messer

Today I was supporting FamiliesFORWARD in their presentation at Messer Construction HQ, as part of an application for a grant. 

It was about the After-School program at George Hays-Jennie Porter Elementary and our focus on technology. 

We had three students with us and they did a fantastic job talking about what they've learned in the program, and how much fun they are having building robots!

More pictures on Facebook...

Summer Computer/Robotics Program at Bond Hill Academy

 News  admin  08-Jun-2017  0  232 reads
Summer Computer/Robotics Program at Bond Hill Academy

Bond Hill Academy Elementary School students are doing fantastic job learning coding! It was only our 2nd session, and almost all of them achieved a certification! 
Also very impressive teamwork - all of those who finished first, went on to help other students!
This program is organized by Families Forward (

More pictures are on Facebook

FamiliesFORWARD Musical Arts Concert

 News  admin  25-May-2017  0  217 reads
FamiliesFORWARD Musical Arts Concert

As end of the year celebration, FamiliesFORWARD hosted the annual "Musical Arts Concert", with students from four school performing on stage:

  • Bond Hill Academy
  • Hays-Porter Elementary School
  • Carson Elementary School
  • Withrow University High School

More pictures are on Facebook

Career-fair at Hays-Porter

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Career-fair at Hays-Porter

Fantastic Career Fair at Hays-Porter Elementary School, with many organizations and companies presenting different jobs opportunities for the kids. 

As a special guest, we had Rob Richardson, former Chair of the UC Board of Trustees, who talked to kids about college opportunities at UC.

More pictures are on Facebook

Tech-Show at Hays-Porter Elementary School

 News  admin  11-May-2017  0  285 reads
Tech-Show at Hays-Porter Elementary School

Hays-Porter High-Tech Elementary School organized a Tech-Show, where students presented what they have learned this semester, incl. Minecraft coding, robotics, video production, etc. 

More pictures are on Facebook

Racing Drones at Hays-Porter Computer/Robotics Club

 News  admin  03-May-2017  0  206 reads
Racing Drones at Hays-Porter Computer/Robotics Club

A big Thank You to Mr. Mike Welch for sharing his Racing Drone expertise with the Hays-Porter Computer/Robotics Club students! 
They had a blast!

More pictures are on Facebook

Hays-Porter Robotics Kids on Local 12 TV

 News  admin  16-Feb-2017  0  673 reads
Hays-Porter Robotics Kids on Local 12 TV

Yesterday LOCAL 12, WKRC-TV has visited us to learn more about our program at Hays-Porter Elementary School, the Robots and the Drones!

It was awesome and the kids loved it!  

To see the TV program click here

#IamCPS #CPSandME #education #cincinnati #technology #hayshightech

Hays-Porter Robotics Club @ Cincinnati Ballet Show (Feb. ...

 News  admin  14-Feb-2017  0  789 reads
Hays-Porter Robotics Club @ Cincinnati Ballet Show (Feb. 12, 2017)

Members of the Hays-Porter Robotics & Computer Club went on Sunday to see the incredible Cincinnati Ballet's show: "King Arthur's Camelot

It's part of adding the "Arts" to STEM and making it STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). 

The Cincinnati Ballet dancers did an amazing job, and the kids loved the show and are now total fans of Cincinnati Ballet, which is also located in West End! 

You can see more pictures on Facebook:

CodeForKids honored as a "2017 Difference Maker" ...

 News  admin  12-Feb-2017  0  1812 reads
CodeForKids honored as a "2017 Difference Maker" Finalist

I'm extremely honored and humbled that I've been selected as one of the finalists of the 2017 Duke Energy Children's Museum Difference Makers

"Duke Energy Children's Museum's Difference Makers Celebration honors youth, adults, businesses and agencies that share our focus to better the lives of children in our community. Difference Makers go out of their way to enact significant change in the community. They distinguish themselves from others by their dedication and impact.
We want to honor the unsung heroes – the grandmothers and foster parents, the volunteers and community organizations, the teenagers and budding child advocates – along with the businesses and professionals who make the Greater Cincinnati region a better place for children."

Of course, it could never happen without all the help and support from many people:

a) I am so thankful for all the work done by CPS Leadership on Vision 2020, the Hays-Porter Principal Ms. McClain, who was a believer from the very beginning, all the Hays-Porter teachers and volunteers, and the West End Community Council that allowed us to get here, and especially to my dear friends from FamiliesFORWARD: Ms. Allsop, Ms. Richardson, and Ms. Matchett - you all ROCK!!!!

b) A big "Thank You" to Taft IT High School, especially to Mr. Turner for letting us in, to Ms. Keenon for helping us with the first ever " Teacher training", Mr. Woodly for letting us use the Robotics, and especially Ms. Beamon, for being so patient and supportive of all my ideas! :)

c) the leadership and staff of the UC School of Information Technology: Dr. Said and Ms. Michael

d) And most of all, a huge "Thank you" to all friends at Cincinnati Bell incl. Mr. Smith, for their continuous support, and especially to the former CEO, Mr. Jack Cassidy, for inspiring me to this idea, by taking my Leadership Cincinnati Class 34 for a tour of Taft IT High School back in 2011, and showing us that if you dream big, everything is possible!

Also, I am so very proud of all the students participating in our Computer/Robotics Club in both schools - they are just fantastic!

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