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Web Design/Development

 Areas of Focus  admin  31-Mar-2021 20:40  0  68 reads
Web Design/Development

Students will learn how to build a web page using HTML and CSS. Students will style text, images, and links to construct a page on a topic of their choice. Integrate technology using project-based instruction.

This fun and motivating first programming project can hook student interest in powerful...


 Areas of Focus  admin  31-Mar-2021 20:40  0  3312 reads

Robotics will help to unleash students’ unlimited creative imagination, enrich their activities in STEM, create STEM subject excitement, increase/improve kinesthetic learning–activities, and overall STEM interest.

The positive impact of hand-on experience with Robotics on participants is...

3D-Design & 3D-Printing

 Areas of Focus  admin  31-Mar-2021 20:40  0  324 reads
3D-Design & 3D-Printing

Introducing students to 3D modeling and printing technologies, using TinkerCAD, a web-based computer-aided design application, Making use of the 3D printer will allow students to experience abstract concepts in an interactive and hands on way. Textbook models of molecules and fine anatomy can be...

Intro to Computers/Coding

 Areas of Focus  admin  31-Mar-2021 19:40  0  224 reads
Intro to Computers/Coding

The General IT Computer Curriculum includes student-centered activities that infuse a project based approach into learning. Students will learn to use various resources as part of a computer applications, marketing, entrepreneurship, business studies, or media arts course. It will teach them the...

Summer Jobs: Register TODAY

 Education  admin  02-Mar-2020 11:00  0  2478 reads
Summer Jobs: Register TODAY

Please register TODAY for the CCMEP Summer Jobs

McClain Legacy Continues with Three Graduating Scholars

 Education  admin  29-Jul-2019 09:20  0  221 reads

CINCINNATI— Talbert House is pleased to recognize three McClain Scholar graduates in 2019: Kevonyah Edwards, Erin Curry-Ziegler, and Jessica Tubbs.

  • Kevonyah Edwards is currently a Clinical Correctional Provider at the men’s Extended Treatment program. She received her Masters of Social Work in...

Elon Musk Sees His Neuralink Merging Your Brain With A.I.

 Technology  admin  29-Jul-2019 08:30  0  344 reads

As reported by Fortune Magazine: 

Elon Musk-Twitter

Elon Musk


Elon Musk said startup Neuralink, which aims to build a scalable implant to connect human brains with computers, has already implanted chips in rats and plans to test its brain-machine interface in humans within two years, with a...

Engagement Center awarded ASPA honor

 Education  admin  29-Apr-2019 10:40  0  605 reads

Engagement Center awarded ASPA honor

CINCINNATI— The Hamilton County Engagement Center was honored for Program Excellence at the Greater Cincinnati Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration’s (GCC-ASPA) annual award luncheon. The luncheon, held in April, honors individuals for their work in public administration...

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