Hays-Porter Students learning Typing
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Published by admin on 22-Oct-2015

Even if we have more and more applications that use touch and move screens, the basic "typing" skill will remain an important skill to get a job for many years to come, as most jobs, especially the better paid jobs, require some degree of computer work, and knowing how to type quickly and efficiently will make people more marketable.

As some experts say: "The bottom line is this – if you type with one or two fingers of each hand, the average person can probably manage 40-60 wpm (words per minute). If you learn to touch-type, you can increase that speed to 60-100 wpm.

Most of the things we do on a computer involve typing to some degree. And the quicker you can type, the quicker you get those tasks done. The quicker you get your stuff done, the more productive you are, which lets you:

And this makes you better at whatever it is you do."

Therefore this week we have practiced basic typing skills. The kids did an awesome job, staying focused on the task and constantly improving their score. Soon we'll have to organize a "Typing Championships"

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