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West End Education Alliance Welcomes Leadership Scholars to West End
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Published by admin on 12-Aug-2016

At the first meeting of the West End Education Alliance in February, we've agreed to focus our efforts on reaching out to parents in West End in order to to engage them in education of their children.

After we've heard many wonderful stories about the impact Leadership Scholars program has on parents and students participating in the programs, incl. West End's St. Joseph's Catholic School, we have invited to our May meeting the founder, Dr. Patricia White, and Mr. Garry Horton, Director of Exteral Relationships, to meet with us and explore possibilities for a neighborhood-wide program for West End parents. 

We are very happy to announce that this fantastic program, the Leadership Scholars Parent Academy, will be coming to West End in the Fall, starting October 4th, and we would like to invite all West End parents to consider participation. 

This seven-week comprehensive program is designed to empower parents, or any significant adult in a child’s life, with proven strategies and tools to support strong academic, social & emotional development of their children. With the ultimate goal of helping their children attend and graduate college, it offers methods to lend support at home, in the classroom, and for parents to better interact with their child’s school. 

West End parents can register here on-line: http://leadershipscholars.org/sign-up

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