"Frozen" Computer Coding Competition at Hays-Porter High-Tech Elementary
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Published by admin on 28-May-2016

Ending school year with the Bang! That's what members of the Hays-Porter "IT/Robotics Club" did, by competing on the last day of school in "Frozen" from (see, and walking away with computers, a laptop, and a 27" TV as the winning prizes.

When you start early and work hard, sky is the limit, as Titi has proved. She is still in kindergarten, but consistently participated in all IT/Robotics training sessions, and thanks to her hard work and dedication, she placed 4th, winning against several older students!

With these talented and very hard working students, with Hays-Porter becoming now Ohio's first "High-Tech Elementary School", and together with Taft Information Technology High School right next to Hays-Porter, the "West End IT Education Pipeline" has become a reality!

If you would like to donate computer equipment and other prize items for future competitions, please contact us

The Hays-Porter Elementary School IT/Robotics Club could not happen without the tremendous help & support from Families Forward, and the dedicated work of Ms. Richara Richardson and Ms. Victoria Matchett, and without the support from the Principal, Ms. Nedria McClain and all the wonderful teachers and staff, like Ms. Sandra Stanley, Ms. Agreta Mason, Ms. Nancy Johnson, Ms. Angela Jackson, Ms. Lora Ward, Ms. Debbie, Ms. Tonya, Ms. Carolyn Toney, Ms. Armstrong, Ms. Coleman, and many others.

Special thanks to the West End Cincinnati and West End Development Fund for donating robots, to Taft It High School for their support (Mr. Michael Turner, Ms. Celietta Beamon, Mr. Woodley, Ms. Keenon), and to School of Information Technology at the University of Cincinnati (Dr. Hazem Said, Ms. Bekah Michael).
Extra special thanks to Cincinnati Public Schools for helping us in making Hays-Porter Ohio's first "High-Tech Elementary School": Mary A. Ronan, Ms. Laura Mitchell, Daniel Minera, Eve Bolton, Melanie Bates, Carolyn Jones, Ericka Copeland, Elisa Hoffman, Chris Nelms.

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