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Published by admin on 06-Feb-2016

Are you concerned with How Technology Has Changed the Way Students Communicate

That was the topic of a presentation given on Thursday and Friday to Taft IT High School students.

This powerful program, sponsored by our friends from CBTS (a Cincinnati Bell Company),  has been already presented to over 200,000 students. It covered the basics concerning the evolution of the mobile and broadband world as it relates to student communication, including: sexting, bullying and social networking. It covered the causes, the technology and how parents, staff and students can help control these trends.

It was presented by Mr. Stephen Smith, Director, Educational Leadership for CBTS, who is a former high school coach and teacher, who also has over 25 years experience in the world of film, video and interactive media development. For the past 12 years he has worked exclusively in the telecommunications industry. He provided an overview on the consequences of student sexting, cyber-bullying and online privacy — while also examining the technologies that enable but can also reduce these practices.
Steve also writes a quarterly blog for parents entitled: A Wired Family (

Also in the program on Friday, we've heard a poetry by a Taft student, Demarcus Lasley (see below), and a powerful message by a teacher Mr. Delano Allen

The program was organized by Ms. Jubilee Womack, who teaches Life Skills at Taft IT High School.  

If you are interested in this topic and would like to learn more, you can read this post on Steve's blog


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 This poem written by Demarcus Lasley is called "The Wake Up Call":

The anxiety that piles up in our soul is tortuous absorbing the love and happiness that we have exploiting it and redirecting it in to hate.

Just as I thought our past our present and our future was and is affected by our broody STATE of mind yes we can accept this because these feelings balled inside of us are the reminder that we are human.

Sure its bad and we're corrupt and our hatred is overflowing causing a surplus of negative emotion mixed with rage filled commotions ain't no way to stop it.

We just have to open up our eyes and hold it in no matter how much pain we shall face, we'll remain sane and keep pushing but people tend to push our buttons like an 1994 arcade machine and they're winning sitting on their high and mighty thrones behind a computer screen GRINNING, judging us and as we cutting every inch of the pain away.

Yet as they see our scars their intellect shows their single tracked minds that can't comprehend the stuff we deal with it's bout time to rise up and tell them forget y'all no more dying today or tonight cause we gonna fight both mentally and physically your threats and abuse won't stop us it's about time for a change, listen to our heart.

Lets stop cutting ourselves and step out of the dark, now rise up, tell me do you feel the spark?