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In a wonderfull report "Connecting kids and computers: Learning to codeTodd Dykes from Channel 5 TV station reported about the coding initiatives taking place currently in two local schools in the Greater Cincinnati area, one of them being West End's own Hays Porter Elementary School

Local volunteers, Michael Beck, Mark McFadden, and Karehma Simon have been teaching Hays Porter students for several months now, introducing them to coding using tools from www.code.org, but also exploring the use of computers in creating music and drawing pictures.

This has been possible only thanks to the wonderful support provided by the Principal, Ms. McClain, and the help from Ms. Richardson and Ms. Matchett from Families Forward, Ms. Stewart-Adams from GRAD, and all teachers and staff at Hays Porter. 

The classes at Hays Porter are only the first step in Michael Beck's "Code for Kids" initiative that is focused on "building a Pipeline of diverse IT students to strengthen Cincinnati’s economy and prepare our region for the jobs of tomorrow!". 

The two immediate goals are:

  1. To increase participation in IT of women and underrepresented students of color in the Greater Cincinnati area. A basic understanding of software engineering provides a set of fundamental skills that is vital, both to the child's future and the future of Cincinnati's economy. 
  2. To improve problem solving and critical thinking by teaching kids how to code. Coding encourages them to become creators, not just consumers, of the technology they use.

By successfully implementing this initiative, we will create a foundation for transforming the West End neighborhood, currently a high poverty area, into a high-tech hub.

If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants                                                                                   Sir Isaac Newton

The "Code for Kids" initiative builds on the wonderful work that was done by Cincinnati Bell at West End's Taft High School, that was transformed into a "Taft Information Technology High School", documented by the national media:

The goal is now to take Cincinnati Bell's concept of a concentrated effort that is laser-focused on one school only, and apply it to a whole neighborhood, such as West End.  

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