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Meet Destiny and other students from Hays Porter Elementary, a Cincinnati Public School, learning computing.

While most students in this after-school program are in 5th grade, Destiny is in the 2nd grade. She came two weeks ago accidentally to the class, because something else was canceled and she needed a place to stay while waiting for her parents. I've asked her if she would like to learn how to design a video game instead of playing one, and she was interested. We've used the curriculum from www.code.org, as we do with other students, to introduce her to some basic computing concepts.

Last week she came back! This time she was able to follow some basic instructions and design her very first video game.

We don't know if Destiny will stick to this and if she will develop strong enough interest in computing to pursue a career in this field. But at least she is exposed to the possibilities and is learning how to solve problems and be creative! She doesn't have a computer at home, so this after-school program is helping her to get her first "contact" with computers and immerse herself in "digital literacy" 

This week, several students of Hays Porter Elementary School, incl. Destiny, have shared what they are learning and what they are working on, and these are their stories in this video:

Destiny and her friends are the future of West End, and by helping them to discover the world of technology so early in their lives, we are making an important step toward transforming West End from a high poverty neighborhood to a high-tech powerhouse of Cincinnati, centered around Taft High School, the designated "Information Technology" High School, adopted and mentored so wonderfully by Cincinnati Bell

We are looking for a corporation to adopt "Hays Porter Elementary School", and help us to make it a "technology school", similar to what Cincinnati Bell did with Taft High School (see: http://goo.gl/96RWZ5 and http://goo.gl/cpuoVY). 

Any takers? 

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