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I'm extremely honored and humbled that I've been selected as one of the finalists of the 2017 Duke Energy Children's Museum Difference Makers

"Duke Energy Children's Museum's Difference Makers Celebration honors youth, adults, businesses and agencies that share our focus to better the lives of children in our community. Difference Makers go out of their way to enact significant change in the community. They distinguish themselves from others by their dedication and impact.
We want to honor the unsung heroes – the grandmothers and foster parents, the volunteers and community organizations, the teenagers and budding child advocates – along with the businesses and professionals who make the Greater Cincinnati region a better place for children."

Of course, it could never happen without all the help and support from many people:

a) I am so thankful for all the work done by CPS Leadership on Vision 2020, the Hays-Porter Principal Ms. McClain, who was a believer from the very beginning, all the Hays-Porter teachers and volunteers, and the West End Community Council that allowed us to get here, and especially to my dear friends from FamiliesFORWARD: Ms. Allsop, Ms. Richardson, and Ms. Matchett - you all ROCK!!!!

b) A big "Thank You" to Taft IT High School, especially to Mr. Turner for letting us in, to Ms. Keenon for helping us with the first ever " Teacher training", Mr. Woodly for letting us use the Robotics, and especially Ms. Beamon, for being so patient and supportive of all my ideas! :)

c) the leadership and staff of the UC School of Information Technology: Dr. Said and Ms. Michael

d) And most of all, a huge "Thank you" to all friends at Cincinnati Bell incl. Mr. Smith, for their continuous support, and especially to the former CEO, Mr. Jack Cassidy, for inspiring me to this idea, by taking my Leadership Cincinnati Class 34 for a tour of Taft IT High School back in 2011, and showing us that if you dream big, everything is possible!

Also, I am so very proud of all the students participating in our Computer/Robotics Club in both schools - they are just fantastic!

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