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What a wondeful and exciting day for West End! Two years in making, today our dream of having a high-tech elementary school in West End Cincinnati as a feeder to Robert A. Taft Information Technology High School and creating an "IT Education Hub" here, has become a reality!

Hays-Porter became Ohio's first "High Tech Elementary School" as part of CPS Vision 2020 initiative!!!

But as with every celebration of success, we can never forget the people who helped us to get here. It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a village and a lot of teamwork to implement a vision like this in only two years! So a big THANK YOU goes to:

- first and most of all, to the Hays-Porter School Principal, Ms. McClain, for believing in our vision, and for being willing to take the risk with us

- CPS Leadership for giving us the green light and including us in the Vision 2020 program: Mary A. Ronan, Catherine Laura Mitchell, Sarah Trimble-Oliver, and the Board of Education for their support: Ericka DansbyMelanie BatesEve BoltonElisa HoffmanCarolyn JonesDaniel MineraChris Nelms

- Dr. Hazem Said from School of Information Technology at the University of Cincinnati for helping in creating this vision of IT Pipeline and IT Education Hub, and Ms. Bekah Michael for supporting it

- Robert A. Taft Information Technology High SchoolMichael TurnerCelietta BeamonMonica Keenon, Mr. Woodly, Greg Jones

West End Community Council for donating Robots and supporting this vision

Families Forward, for giving us the opportunity to teach the kids coding and robotics in the After-school program, especially Ms. Deborah Allsop, Richara RichardsonVictoria MatchettGriffith Keir,

- all the wonderful teachers, staff and supporters of Hays-Porter Elementary School, for extending the welcoming hand to us: Evelyn Whittaker, Carolyn ToneyAngela Jackson,Lora WardMary FlaggAgreta MasonSandra StanleyNancy JohnsonPatricia Stewart Adams, Felicia Barron, and many, many others

- our elected politicians who supported this vision: Yvette Simpson and P.G. Sittenfeld

- finally, a very special thanks to Mr. V. Anthony Simms-Howell, OCHLA Commissioner, and his wife Julieta (a teacher at Taft IT High School) for their tireless support for kids education in our city!


As you can see, when we work together, when we support each other, miracles do happen!!!

But this is only the beginning!

With Hays-Porter being now the High-Tech Elementary School, with Taft being the Information Technology High School, we have created Ohio's first ever IT Education Hub in West End, where our students have the opportunity to learn the skills necessary for the high-paying jobs of tomorrow, and be able to make $80-$120,000 a year as a computer engineer, robotics expert or programmer.  

We would like to invite all West End residents to get engaged and help us to push the envelope even further. With your help and support, let’s make West End the Silicon Valley of Cincinnati, with high-tech companies moving to West End, eager to take advantage of our highly educated youth and their high-tech expertise, or our students becoming the next Steve Jobs by founding their own start-up companies. With our  IT Education Hub being now a reality, no neighborhood in Cincinnati is better equipped to accomplish that than West End!

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