Our Mission & Goals

Our Mission

To build a Pipeline of diverse IT Students to strengthen Cincinnati’s economy and prepare our region for the jobs of tomorrow!

This Initiative is focused on three key areas:

1) To increase participation in IT of women and underrepresented students of color in the Greater Cincinnati area. We believe that a basic understanding of software engineering provides a set of fundamental skills that is vital, both to the child's future and the future of Cincinnati's economy. 

2) To Improve problem solving and critical thinking by teaching kids how to code. Coding encourages them to become creators, not just consumers, of the technology they use.

3) To use this program as a “change agent” to transform the West End neighborhood of Cincinnati into a thriving community focused on lifelong learning. The West End is one of Cincinnati’s poorest neighborhoods with a median household income of $12,808 (from City of Cincinnati, based on 2010 Census).

The individual goals of this Initiative:

1) Engage youth in technology learning.
2) Provide an opportunity for high-school youth to earn money using their “brains” by teaching others (e.g., elementary-school students).
3) Engage parents and other family members in community projects.
4) Enable parents to have quality time with children while learning technology.
5) Create a platform for neighbors to meet and engage with each other
6) Use the program as a way to build a community around computer-science/information-technology education and a reason to be proud of living in West End.
7) Teach how to use computers for various uses (music, arts, business, etc.) and contribute to closing the “digital divide.”
8) Teach students entrepreneurship skills to start business around IT